The 2018 IGU Regional Conference in Québec (August 6 to 10, 2018)

The 2018 IGU Regional Conference in Québec (August 6 to 10, 2018)

Chair: Yaïve Ferland (self-proposed)

Matjaž Geršič,  The Use of Geographical Names after the First World War

Cosimo Palagiano,  The Historical Sequence of Place Naming in Italy

Béatrice Collignon , More than Memoryscapes: Place Names in the Inuit Geographic Matrix.

Yaïves Ferland, In the Name of all the Places

Myriam Hallé,  Les Femmes dans la Toponymie : une Place à prendre sur le Territoire

Tétu Pier-Luc , Les Toponymes du Froid et de l’Hiver : un Actif Immatériel Patrimonial

Kristina Kwiatkowski,  Geographical Names Board of Canada Indigenous Naming Policy Scans

Judy Guenette , Advances in the Canada’s National Geographical Names Database

Marcella  Schmidt, New place names or simply loss of memory? The case of Cinque Terre Vernacular Landscape

Attendance: 60 people

Some considerations by Yaïves  Ferland

«Our Joint ICA/IGU Commission on Toponymy managed two sessions with four papers each at the last Regional Conference of the International Geographical Union (IGU2018), hold in the city of Québec, on August 7th, 2018; the Canadian Society for the Study of Names / Société canadienne d’onomastique was involved as local organizer. Three members of our Joint Commission presented: Cosimo Palagiano, Béatrice Collignon, and Yaïves Ferland. Two papers were delivered in French by the Commission de toponymie du Québec, while two others in English came from the Geographical Names Board of Canada and its National Geographical Names Database. The theme of indigenous toponymy, be it traditional or renewed, is growing in importance in Canada and abroad: up to five papers referring to this subject matter in this time of reconciliation. At least five sessions settled by other commissions presented, mainly from a cultural or critical perspective, a dozen papers about indigenous representation of territory by cartography and/or toponymy. By the way, one of the Wiley luminary talk (keynote address) during this week was a speech by the Head of the Commission de toponymie du Québec, titled  « La gestion de la toponymie autochtone au Québec » [Official Management of the Indigenous Toponymy in Quebec]; people in this Commission are vanguard in this domain since four decades. Finally, Yaïves Ferland had prepared a dense full-day toponymic fieldtrip by coach, with 33 people aboard, all around the vicinity of this capital city of the «Belle Province» of Québec.

(Yaïves  Ferland)»

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