Professor Cosimo Palagiano, Helen Kerfoot, Peter Jordan, Georg Gartner and others decided to establish a Commission of Toponymy, which would study the Geographical names from the point of view both of geography and cartography.

Some topics  in which the Commission is involved:

  • Functions of place names on maps
  • Rendering of place names on maps
  • Names placement on maps
  • Elaborating principles for creating new place names
  • Place names as expression of time – or space-related identity
  • Place name/feature relations
  • Motives for place naming and administration (including feminine place names)
  • Place names and transportation
  • Place names in the cyber world
  • Social dimensions of place names

other related topics:

  • Uses of toponyms for school education
  • Unofficial, aboriginal, vernacular, historical toponyms;
  • Microtoponyms
  • Dual or bilingual toponyms, exonyms.

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