The 2022 UGI-IGU Centennial Congress, Paris – Place names as (positive or negative) brands session programme


Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Session A103331PJ Place names as (positive or negative) brands (Chair: Peter Jordan, Co-chair: Cosimo Palagiano)

Institut de geographie, Room 412


Slot 1 (10.30-12.15)

A105148MA Malak Alasli (Hungary): The impact of place names as brands

A104893KC Kim Chanho (Republic of Korea): An experimental study on the negative brand value of place names adopting the context of toponymic stigma: A case of Wuhan, China

A105506JC Jonathan Cherry (Ireland): Colonial naming and renaming in Ireland: creating a ‘civilising’ brand

A105103S Sungjae Choo (Republic of Korea): Place Names as Brands: Academic Achievements and Further Issues

A103622EC Eugenio Climent-López (Spain): The use of place names (or their lack) in the brands of the Protected Designations of Origin: the case of the wine-growing areas of the Ebro Valley (Spain)

Slot 2(12.30-14.15)

A103039JF Josip Faričić (Croatia): Dalmatia – name as a sign, name as a brand

A103743NF Nuria Font-Casaseca (Spain): Renaming neighborhoods through digital platforms in Barcelona

A103062MG Matjaž Geršič (Slovenia): Standardization of geographical names through research projects – two examples from Slovenia

A104842KH Xenia Havadi Nagy (Romania): Do all roads lead to Rome? Place names and landscape elements in Hungarian, Romanian and German proverbs and sayings

A103230PJ Peter Jordan (Austria): Place names as (positive or negative) brands: Examples from Europe

Slot 3 (14.30-16.15)

A105077EM Ekaterina Mikhailova (Switzerland): Insights on Critical Toponymy Based on Developing an online course “Naming the World”

A104378DN Daniel Orongo Nyangweso (Hungary): Trending perspectives of place names on geopolitics, identity and effects in the advent of Covid-19

A103301PC Cosimo Palagiano (Italy): Place names as negative brands. Some disasters are still alive in the memory due to the consequences they brought about

A104255SP Suraj Prasad (India): Dichotomy of Economic and Cultural Space: Re-examining the impact of ‘Madhubani Painting’ on ‘Mithila Art’

A103604AV Antonio Violante (Italy): #Go Montenegro: A global pandemic as the ultimate rebranding tool

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