International Cartographic Conference, Washington D.C. 2-7 July 2017

Location:  Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, 2660 Woodley Road NW, Washington, District Of Columbia 20008 USA.

“28 Sessions  for Commission an Working Group business meetings (on Atlases,  Cartographic Heritage into the Digital, Education and Training,  Generalisation and Multiple Representation, Geospatial Analysis and Multiple  Representation, History of Cartography, Map Projections, Maps and Internet, Planetary Cartography, Topographic mapping , Toponymy, etc.)  and 3 additional Special Topics (Semiology and Bertin at 50 years, Land use and Land Cover, Critical Cartography) for ICC 2017  were held. About  500 papers were presented and discussed. Paulo de Menezes chaired the Business Meeting of the ICA Commission on Toponymy. In the session of Commission of Toponymy  Paulo de Menezes presented a paper on Toponymic Contributions in the area of Santa Cruz Farm – Rio de Janeiro Capitancy – Brazil, Cosimo Palagiano presented a paper on The place names of the Middle East before and after the discovery of Americas. Some examples from ancient maps. In the same Commission Toponymy chaired by Peter Jordan Riemer Reinsma presented a paper on Prototypical peripheral toponym pairs expressing the concept ‘all over the country’ as a part of the mental map, Mohsen Dhieb and Younghoon Kim  presented titles on When places change their names on maps. Cases study from the Arab world and Disappearance and survival of geographical place names in new address system in Cheongju, South Korea respectively. In the session of Commission Education and training Georg Gartner presented a paper on The triangle of competences as elementary part of modern cartographic education. In The Commission Ubiquitous mapping Georg Gartner also presented a paper about the function maps. In the Commission History of Cartography László Zentai presented a paper on Adventures of a world atlas – History of the publication of the Debes Atlas in Hungary. Imre Josef Demhardt chaired the Business meeting of the ICA Commission on History of Cartography. I the same Commission Imre Josef Demhardt presented a paper on Mapping the Suez Canal: Cartographic Heritage of a Nineteenth Century Engineering Behemoth and Elri Liebenberg presented a paper on David Livingstone’s mapping of south-central Africa, 1849-1873.

Yaïves Ferland presented a poster  on Back to the Feature! Direction, Distance, Disposition and Orientation in the Ontology of some Place Names.

These are some of the papers presented. A choice of them will be published in The Cartographical Journal, directed by Alexander Kent”.



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