UPDATE! – IGU Regional Conference Kraków, Poland, 18-22.08.2014


The IGU Regional Conference Kraków, Poland, 18-22.08.2014

We are pleased to announce that the programme of the Conference is ready. Here below you can find the list of sessions, speeches and reports. You can also download the file here.


Krakow IGU Regional Conference, August 18-22. 2014

C12.36 Toponymy

Wednesday August 20, 9-10.45, room 23, chair: Peter Jordan

Geographical aspects of place names: cultural-geographical approaches

Dr. Premysl Madra: Identity, landscape and toponymy in the rural space of the Czech Republic

Prof, Sang-Hyun Chi, Prof, Sungjae Cho, Heesu Kim: Place-names conflicts: A typology for intra-national cases

Dr. Marcin Solarz: A misleading geography of some unusual and disputed toponyms

Dr. Karol Janes: Role of urban names in the process of building local identity in Nowa Huta

Thursday, August 21, 9-10.45, room 22, chair: Cosimo Palagiano

Geographical aspects of place-names: Naming motives, place names as keys to culture and cultural history

Prof. Peter Raper: Toponymic motivation shift in Southern Africa

M.A: Karen Heikkila: Some observations on Semai Orang Asli Toponymy and narratives and their value in indigineous heritage protection

M.Sc. Yaïves Ferland: Direction, distance,  and Orientation in the evolution of land and sea placenames

Dr. Joan Tort Donada: On the Toponymy of Pyrenean Lakes. Some geographical, historical and linguistic questions

Thursday,  August 21, 11.15-13, room 22, chair: Joan Tort Donada

Geographical aspects of place names: Names in urban space

Prof. Cosimo Palagiano: Communicative names of cities and streets

Dr. Danielle Drozdezewski: Using history to affirm geopolitics of memory of the Krakόw streetscape

Prof. Wenchuan Huang: Naming as norming: the cultural politics of naming the streets in the oldest city of Taiwan

Prof. Peter Kang: The new toponymic representation of urban space: the case of naming of metro-stations of Taiwan


Thursday, August 21, 16-17.45, room 22, chair: Sungjae Choo

Geographical aspects of place names: Names of transboundary features

Dr. Riemer Reinsma:  Names in uninhabitated areas: the case of the southern North Sea

Dr. Sun Ba-Bae Kim: Layers of Meaning and Territory’s Change on the Name East Sea

Prof. Huo Hyun Sung, M.A. Jisoo Kim, M.A. Jung Kim, M.A. Won Young Lee:  Distribution of undersea feature names based on the GEBCO Gazetteer (B8)

Maciej Zych: The names of geographical objects beyond a single sovereignty lying on the Polish-Czech   boundary.

Friday, August 22, 9-10.45, room 19, chair Peter Raper

Geographical aspects of place names: Naming policies and place-names use

 Prof. Peter Jordan, M.Sc. Olivia Stummvoll: Commercial use of landscape and region names: the example of Austria

Dr. Sirkka Paikkala: Plain language and administrative names

Fazllur Rahman Hassan, Ferdinand Simatupang, Bintang Rahmat Wananda, Dr. Samsul Bachri: Toponymic problems in West Java, Indonesia

Dr. Anrez A. Herzen: Ethno-political conflicts and toponymic heritage in the North-Western Black Sea region


Friday, 11.15-13, room 19, chair: Yaïves Ferland

Geographical aspects of place names: filed collection of names and names on maps

 Dr. Samsul Bachri, M.Sc. Danoe Soeryamihardja, Bintang Rahmat Wananda, Ferdinand Simatupang: Toponymy of Indonesian Frontline Islands

Yelizaveta Milenina, Dr. Andriy Domaranskiy: Forests of Kirovograd Region: space-toponym inventory and features
Prof. Mohsen Dhieb: Enhancing the design of the Toponymic Intormation System of Tunisia

Bogus aw Zagόrki: An Ottoman Turkish map of Poland from the beginning of the 20th century. Study of Toponymy.

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