Recent Publications 2017

PETER JORDAN, PAUL WOODMAN (eds.), Place –Name Changes. Proceedings of the Symposion in Rome, 17-18 November 2014. Verlag Dr. Kovač. Hamburg 2016

JANA MOSER (Hrsg.), Forum ifL. Heft 30. IGU-UGI, ICA-ACI, Joint Commission Seminar on Historical Maps, Atlases and Toponymy. Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde, 2016

LUCIE MÖLLER (ed.) “Nomina Africana. Journal of the Names Society of Southern Africa”, 30(1) April 2016

MIRELA ALTIĆ, IMORE JOSEPH DEMAHARDT, SOETKIN VERWUST (eds.), Dissemination of Cartographic Knowledge, 6 th International Symposium of the Commission on the History of Cartography, Springer, 2017

RAIS AKTHAR, COSIMO PALAGIANO (eds.), Climate Change ad Air Pollution. The Impact in Developed and Developing Countries, Springer, 2017

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