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The new volume of Name & Place contains the toponymic proceedings of ICC Paris 2011. They can be called the first tangible result of the new Commission/WG.

A short history of the Journal Name and Place

In 1969 the Society Name and Place commenced publishing its annual “Journal”, which contains essays on various place-name topics. Most English counties are now covered in its place-name survey, however its early volumes are not as detailed as its later ones. From the 1960s there has been a change in the interpretation of some place-names, resulting from the detailed comparison of distributions of the place-name types which had been thought to be early Saxon and archaeological evidence.

There was originally also a bias towards interpreting names as Anglo-Saxon, and some have now been shown to be more likely Celtic. Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson advised on Celtic names.

By 2007 it had published 82 volumes of the county-by-county Survey of English Place-Names, aimed mainly at scholarly and academic users, and a range of books and booklets on names organized by region or by category (e.g. field-names), as well as some county dictionaries aimed mainly at a nonspecialist audience.

The Society is starting to publish a new series of booklets on placename elements, but it is likely to be some time before this is complete. The Survey has been consistently supported, morally and practically, by the British Academy, and from 2005 to 2010 was supported by a large grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

English Place-Name Society material was used as the basis of the The Cambridge dictionary of English place-names published in 2004.

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