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Toponyms in Cartography. Proceedings of the Toponymic Sessions at the 25th International Cartographic Conference, Paris, 3–8 July 2011, ed. by Peter Jordan and Ferjan Ormeling, Hamburg 2013, ISBN 978-3-8300-6700-9, 134 p.

The ICA 25th International Cartographic Conference in Paris in July 2011 is special from a toponymical point of view because it marks the first meeting of the joint ICA-IGU Commission on Toponymy.

Toponymy has been a regular theme for international cartographic conferences for decades, and it is only proper that this has been institutionalized now.

The subject of toponymy is now not only dealt within an onomastical context at the biannual ICOS meetings, and within an administrative context at the biannual UNGEGN meetings, but also within a geo-cartographic context at joint ICA-IGU meetings.

The toponymical contributions to the Paris International Cartographic Conference are diverse, both geographically and thematically. Geographically, the focus is on Brazil and on Europe, with a paper on Tunis as a Mediterranean extension of Europe.

The subjects range from the collection of geographical names to the operation of names servers, from the use of exonyms in school atlases to the creation of names data bases and from the reconstruction of former namescapes to the creation of new ones.



Bailly Guillaume (France): Nommer les communautés de communes: état des lieux en 2012, à l’heure de la réforme territoriale

Dhieb, Mohsen (Saudi Arabia): Towards a geographical database of names in Tunisia: The case of the map sheet of Sfax NW # 107

Jordan, Peter (Austria): Trends in exonym use of European school atlases

Löfström, Jonas & Pansini, Valeria (France): Toponyms and cartography: Historical perspective and linguistic challenges

Mathias, Márcia (Brazil): The importance of the phonemes in the collection of geographical names in Brazil

Menezes, Paulo de, Almeida, Camila de & Freitas, Anniele de (Brazil): Toponymy of the political-administrative evolution of Rio de Janeiro State – Brazil

Resende, Ana, Santos, Cláudio dos, & Mathias, Márcia (Brazil): The riverhead of the Uruguai River: origins of a controversy

Santos, Claudio dos (Brazil): A new approach to the collection of geographical names in Brazil

Szyszkowska, Karolina & Przyszewska, Katarzyna (Poland): The national register of geographical names as part of a modern, consistent and reference spatial data infrastructure of Poland

Zaccheddu, Pier-Giorgio (Germany) & Overton, David (Belgium): EuroGeoNames (EGN) – The implementation of an INSPIRE service


The book can be ordered from the publisher Kovač, cf. to http://www.verlagdrkovac.de/978-3-8300-6700-9.htm

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