Call for Papers: 23rd meeting of the Working Group on Exonyms, Ljubljana Mar. 2020 (in conjunction with the Terminology Working Group meeting)


Dear friends and colleagues,
As already announced earlier, we have planned the 23rd UNGEGN Working Group on Exonyms Meeting to take place 19-21st March 2020 in Ljublijana, Slovenia. This meeting will be held together with the Terminology Working Group, and will be hosted by the Anton Melik Geographical Institute, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The venue is Prešeren’s hall at the Research centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Novi trg 4, Ljubljana, Slovenia).

The meeting schedule is to have paper presentations and discussions on 19th (Thu, whole day) and 20th (Fri, morning) March 2020, followed by the Terminology Working Group in the afternoon of 20 Mar, and a fieldwork excursion on 21st Mar (Sat).
There is no participation fee for the meeting, but there may be a small charge for the excursion. Participants are asked to arrange for their transportation and accommodation on their own. A small list of hotels near the meeting venue is attached below for your information. Meals during the meeting are also to be paid by the participants.

As for the leading theme for this meeting I would like to suggest “Remaining ambiguities of the endonym/exonym divide”. Notions such as “exonymoids” and “endonymoids” have been suggested in the past, where do they fit in the scheme of things? Would a proposition of a “third term” in addition to endonym and exonymbe useful?
As usual in the previous meetings, any other topics connected with exonyms are also welcome, such as more practical case studies on implementing existing resolutions on exonyms. You are also very welcome to introduce a new topic that needs to attract our interest in your opinion. And you are of course always welcome to report about your own projects connected with exonyms. At the moment we don’t have plans on publishing a book containing the proceedings, but probably we can collate the papers into a pdf file and make it available
to the public.
The Terminology Working Group meeting will consider definitions of bilingualism & multilingualism as well as continued open discussion on proposals to the glossary, and making progress against the docket of glossary terms.
As always, the meeting is by no means confined to Working Group or UNGEGN members (if such membership existed). Everybody interested is very welcome.
Best Regards,
Kohei Watanabe, convenor of exonym WG

Please download the attached pdf

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