Encyclopedistics 2020 – Achievements and Challenges, Zagreb 15 to 17 October 2020



Due to the spread of COVID-19 and the inevitable coincidence of several conferences, the dates already proposed for the next meetings could be anticipated or postponed.
Please consult the organizers of each conference directly. In the meantime the Local Organising Committee  of the Madrid Conference on National Atlases has been searching for new dates since they definitely count on both Commissions (Atlas and Toponymy) taking part in the meeting in Madrid.
As a result, they propose to hold the meeting from Wednesday the 7th to Saturday the 10th of October 2020.

The Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography

is organising the



On the occasion of its 70th founding anniversary, the Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography is organising the international conference Encyclopedistics 2020 – Achievements and Challenges, which will be held from 15 to 17 October in Zagreb.


The 70th anniversary of the Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography, founded in 1950 on the centuries-old tradition of Croatian encyclopedistics and lexicography, has prompted us to consider the achievements, current state, and (un)predictable future of encyclopedistics in Croatia, Europe, and the world. Bringing together experts, not only in encyclopedistics and lexicography, but also in other academic fields, we wish to discuss topics that we have divided into three broad groups, regarding the state and possibilities of digital encyclopedistics, individual fields and terminology, and the encyclopedistic treatment of biographies (these topics are guidelines rather than fixed categories).

The topics of the conference are as follows:

a) Digital encyclopedias and knowledge networking:

• Online encyclopedias and other reference works

• Thematic portals

• Digitisation and linking digital sources

• Multimedia and interactive content

• The role of digital reference works in science and education

• Organisation, networking, and dissemination of knowledge

• Encyclopedias in the age of greater accessibility of information

• Digital lexicography and digital humanities


b) Fields and terminology in encyclopedistics and lexicography

• Theoretical fundamentals (methods, approaches, specificities)

• Concepts and production of professional encyclopedias

• Treatment of specific fields in general/national encyclopedias

• Selected topics from specific fields

• Mircropedic and macropedic approach

• Terminology between description and prescription

• Terminology between internationalism and purism

• Terminology in a diachronic perspective


c) Biography in encyclopedias

• Conceptions of biographic encyclopedias and lexicons

• Biographies in professional, national, and general encyclopedias

• Biographies in regard to specific fields

• Problems regarding biographic research and presentation

• Bibliography


The abstract (1000 to 1500 characters), in Croatian and English (the organiser shall secure translation into Croatian for foreign applicants), together with a short biography (400 to 600 characters) should be sent to the secretary of the Organising Committee, Iva Klobučar Srbić (iva.klobucar@lzmk.hr; enciklopedika2020@lzmk.hr).

The application deadline is 1 May 2020. The applicants will be informed whether their abstracts have been accepted by 1 June 2020, and the accepted abstracts will be published in a separate booklet.

Presentations should be in Croatian or English and up to 15 minutes long. Papers based on these presentations that are submitted by 1 March 2021 will be published, following the peer review process, in a thematic issue of the lexicography and encyclopedistics journal Studia lexicographica (http://studialexicographica.lzmk.hr/sl).

There is no participation fee, but applicants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.

All information and notifications about the conference can be found on the webpage: http://www.lzmk.hr/enciklopedika-2020.


Organising Committee: Ivana Crljenko, Vlatka Dugački, Filip Hameršak, Zdenko Jecić, Nataša Jermen, Iva Klobučar Srbić, Bruno Kragić

Programme Committee: Petra Bago, Vlaho Bogišić, Damir Boras, Irina Deretić, Peter Jordan, Stipe Kutleša, Janko Lozar, Nives Mikelić Preradović, Željko Pavić, Slaven Ravlić, Krešimir Regan, Hrvoje Stančić, Goran Sunajko, Domagoj Vidović, Antun Vujić

Contact: enciklopedika2020@lzmk.hr; iva.klobucar@lzmk.hr

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